“It’s commonly known that there is a lot of different diseases, untreated injuries or diseases or a simple lack of primary health care in every third world country.

So why should we wait for a miracle when we live in a time where we can make blind people see and crippled men walk again at any given time?”


Let’s start simple, even without any medicine or doctor, just by conscious exercise on a daily basis you can drastically improve the overall health and strengthen the immune system as well as the lungs and the cardiovascular system.

Even big states like China for example have already acknowledged the importance of conscious bodywork and have achieved major savings in the health care section with parallel improvement of peoples health by spreading knowledge of various types of “healthy motions” taken for example from Tai Chi and other styles.

Spreading this kind of knowledge is a major tool in reaching one of the main goals of our organization.

Apart from paying for health care of locals with donations this section, due to lack of personal ist he biggest task for Kutukula Moyo: Volonteers are desperately needed!

This call does not only apply to professional staff with experience in human medicine. It also applies to personal with knowledge in veterinary medicine!

The people of Malawi are always very thankful if a professional is taking care for their farm animal, because they always have to live in fear of losing their basis of existence to epidemics or other sorts of diseases. Apart from that you also have the chance to work with exotic animals in their natural surroundings. 

If you want to support us in this section with a DONATION, an IDEA, A CONCEPT, or especially with VOLUNTARY WORK, or even if you know somebody who could apply for this we would be very thankful! We are talking about the immediate saving of lives. Especially here we need every bit of help we can get!