“Education is not just power.

Education, if provided the right way, is the breeding ground for knowledge, creativity and the future of every environment where human beings are involved.

Without this precious good, people lack in elementary tools to work sustainably with their environment and/or technologies that are being inducted by other countries or parties.”


It also offers informational protection from propaganda in local media for goods that play a huge role in the exploitation of people and nature, especially in third world countries.

Our goal is to give lively and everyday life orientated kind of classes.

Why force children to sit in some chairs for 8 hours straight and pour information about the history of Europe all over them, when they are struggling to survive on a completely different continent in the here and now?

Language is our medium for communication. Sports are a very important part of class to satisfy the young peoples need for movement and to help strengthen the sense of community.

So why not combine the getting to know the body with the getting to know the language? Why not address everyday routine in family life or field work in class? Why not draw in the earth when there is no chalk or blackboard?

Education in third world countries has to be true to life and variable. It’s a challenge for the creativity of every educating person to provide maximum knowledge with minimal funds. Improvisation and patience are being demanded every single day, especially when working with age wise very mixed classes. It is exactly these challenges the teachers grow just as well as the students with every day!

Apart from passing on basic knowledge it also is very important to warn kids and parents against exploitation. Unfortunately the poorest of the poor once more become the victims of the richest of the rich when the latter ones can still not feed their greed. We want to avoid that by all available means.

You too can help us to achieve these goals. With your DONATION, CHARITY WORK or IDEAS AND CONCEPTS concerning education we will be able to help a lot of kids in Malawi as well as provide assistance to th parents in various areas of life.