“The natural resources of planet earth are limited.

Mankind is growing faster and faster, as the average age as well as consumption and wastage of resources are rising.

A change of thinking is crucial if we do not want to bleed this planet completely dry within a very short period. By that we would not only endanger the survival of every other species on earth, but our own as well.”


Especially people who are living on a poverty level do not have the time or energy to change their ways due to the daily struggle to survive.

A mother whose sons are about to starve to death will take whatever kind of food she can get to feed them.

A father whose daughters are about to freeze to death will take whatever kind of firewood he can get to warm them.

These people do not have a choice.

We, the ones who are always on the taking end of the leaver of our consumer society have change in our own hands.

Due to our education and the worldwide connection via Internet we are very aware of the injustices, the suffering and the destruction all over this planet. We can decide whether we want to look away and become conscious accomplices or to act and bring at least a little piece of justice to this world and end some of the suffering and the destruction wherever we can.

Apart from conscious consumer behavior and conscientious waste separation in our own four walls and our own country we now more than ever have the possibility to help in other countries.

A lot of countries, whose poverty we have profited of all our life, we could give something back to if we only wanted to.

Protect forests from deforestation, protect species from extinction and most of all – bring back some balance between mankind and nature.

Our main project is to apply a natural reserve and supervise it together with local people.  By working together with the Malawian Government and by gathering funds we furthermore plan on creating solar energetic concepts and at least install smaller units of solar cells on specific spots. This would significantly help prevent deforestation which has its root in the extraction of energy from wood.

Furthermore it is extremely important to support the peaceful coexistence of the population of human beings and animals. Informative measures concerning the very important function of the animals for their eco system need to be taken. Apart from that we need to protect these creatures from hunters which do not hunt for survival, but for profit on the black market.

With your help in form of a DONATION, VOLONTARY WORK, AN IDEA OR A CONCEPT concerning the topic of conservation an protection of nature we can supervise a natural reserve in Malawi and protect its animals and other lifeforms!