Kutukula Moyo
Community and Conservation Support

“Kutukula Moyo” is a term taken from the Malawian native language Chichewa and basically translates as “grow/support life”. That being life in general not just in human form.


  • to protect nature
  • to provide education for people in need
  • to provide health care for people in need

Our approach is to unify these aims and focus on a holistic, regional concept.

For now, we don’t plan on changing a whole country or the whole world all by ourselves, the aim is to supervise a natural reserve and provide education and health care for the people around and in this reserve.

We want to incorporate locals and their very precious knowledge and skills as much as we can to create a lasting awareness and understanding of the environment and the necessity of using resources in a sustainable manner.

We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization. We put our lifetime and energy in our projects for free to help create a better world.

If you want to support our cause and/or join us: a DONATION is very welcome and will indeed help the cause, but your ideas and lifetime are even more precious goods. Everybody can help!

To become a supporting member on a voluntary basis or if you’d simply like to share any ideas or knowledge that could help the projects or people and nature in general please get in touch via office@k-moyo.com

Our current projects are situated in Malawi, a small country in the south east of Africa!